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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Are You Hurting?

To u out der who r hurting..tat heavy pain in ur chest?

I noe it only too well n i've some really good advice..
Breathe...., it gets better, every second tat passes is a second u've survived tat pain.
Drain d colors out of d pictures tat r replaying in ur head again n... again.
Juz for a second think of time u were happy b4 u met ur partner..n dun say der isn't one.., it makes u feel better if for a moment.

Now change sumthing, move sumthing even if u change his name in ur phone, watch shin chan... juz anything tats new..do it now.. remove their belongings..be free of dem for juz a while.. so u can feel d emotion inside urself.

Tat pain u feel in ur chest is juz triggered by d emotion u r feeling right now anger, sadness, loss, grief, betrayal.
Acknowledge it...

Take a another breath n noe tat u deserve not too feel dis pain, u r smart.. beautiful as an individual, u r u ...n tat person has taken u for granted u may feel like u've lost sumthing but believe me u've juz found sumthing..
u've juz found ur inner strength..

Be proud, not sad take a few days to urself to think things over do wat feels right to u tat inner voice tat comes frm ur heart tat tells u d way to go..
Sometimes in life d hardest path to choose is usually d right one..u r strong, have some 'me' time n let dem wait 4 u.

U can do it..now breathe.