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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long Distance Relationship

"Still Loving Your Long-Distance Relationship" and "Loving Your Long-Distance Relationship for Women, " shares the best way to keep love hot, avoid mistakes, and escape temptation.
So, may be I should find dis book...juz wanna noe how to manage a Long Distance Relationships effectively…as a preparation from seperateness..huhh.. for me, distance can’t n will not hurt a bond between 'US'.. as long as our r/s ‘s based on mutual respect, trust, commitment, n finally…luv!!.
Although i may feel like I’m losing faith in my r/s at times,.. but i must hold fast n trust my heart! truly believe tat u’ll make my life so special… TQ for being so kind wit my heart.
Hopefully, soon I won't have to hate missing u.. TQ for making my life so much more meaningful n giving me dis chance to show u wat luv means to me...tq..tq..tq..