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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Stress!!!! Huhu...hw can i release dis unwanted stress...i pck dis tips..hope can help me to de-stress n simply keep myself in a calm frame of mind....n move through challenging circumstances....i try to do dis to keep my stress under control...huuuhhuhu...

*** got it frm Total Relaxation: Release Stress & Tension By Kelly Howell

1. Ask for help

Be aware that you cannot, nor are you expected to, know and do everything. Accept the fact that each person has limits and sometimes we need to help each other.

2. Avoid over-scheduling

Only be involved or do activities that are of interest and most important to you.

3. Avoid perfectionism

Be realistic, accept and realize that nobody is perfect, so don't expect you or others to be perfect.

4. Be Resilient

Try to go with the flow and resist trying to over-control a situation, person or circumstances. When you remain calm and cool under pressure you are better able to handle problems as they arise, because you maintain clearer focus. But building your resilience takes practice and patience by developing a positive attitude and behaviour in these different areas, so remember to....

Welcome change as a challenge and allow it to be part of your normal life
View obstacles or setbacks as a being temporary and believe that all will be solved for the highest good for all concerned
As each problem or roadblock arises, take the time to be pro-active in solving the dilemma in a peaceful manner
Surround yourself with strong, loving, positive-thinking, supportive friends and family
Ask your supportive friends and family for help when needed, but avoid becoming co-dependent
Enjoy yourself, have fun, relax, remain humble and always show gratitude

5. Break down your problems

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by trying to solve a huge problem all at once, learn to break it into smaller segments or categories, so that you feel a sense of control. Then calmly look at each category one by one, evaluate your options, list pros and cons, look at the bigger picture to assess how it affects your future before arriving at a conclusion. By learning this strategy you will build inner confidence and this in turn will reduce unnecessary stress. Avoid ignoring the problem altogether, because ignorance is not bliss and the problem won't magically disappear. Instead, it will remain unsolved, which will only add to your plate of stress and increase your lack of control.

6. Exercise

Maintain a daily exercise routine to strengthen your muscles and cardio-vascular system. Exercise also stimulates your lymphatic system to releases waste/toxins from your body, increases blood flow to your brain and circulates energy throughout your entire system.

7. Honour your body

Avoid abusing your body through excess use of drugs, alcohol, over-eating, smoking or over-indulgence of junk foods.

8. Maintain proper sleep

This keeps you better equipped, mentally and physically, by providing increased clarity and focus when dealing with stressors. If necessary, rejuvenate by taking short ten or fifteen minute power naps during the day.

9. Monitor your thinking

All thoughts are energy, all action follows a thought; therefore, you control your reality in which your outlook, attitude and re-actions influence your life. Energy attracts the same frequency vibration, so what you think, you will get or attract; therefore, be very careful what you think or wish for.

10. Nutrition

Eat a balanced variety of nutritious foods, drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water, reduce fats and sugar and supplement with additional vitamins and minerals.

11. Relax

This creates calmness and a sense of well-being. So the next time you feel yourself tense up, breathe slowly, deeply and evenly until you feel calmer. Your body's chemical imbalances can be reversed or greatly improved simply by relaxing. You can learn to relax through doing such activities such as: walking, simple 1-2-3-4 breathing exercises, meditation, visualizations, music, reading, painting, enjoyable hobbies, a relaxing bath, massage, Reiki, reflexology; the list goes on. It is important to find what works for you.

An important key for releasing unwanted stress and increasing your over-all success, is to regard each challenge as a golden opportunity for spiritual growth and a means to learn valuable lessons. Then regard stressors as just temporary problems or hiccups. You cannot eliminate stress altogether, otherwise you would have no motivation to do anything worthwhile or constructive; therefore you would experience no personal growth. But moderate amounts of good stress will induce you to make sensible, achievable goals, monitor your growth progress, allow yourself time for relaxation and enjoyment, remain optimistic, believe in your capabilities, plus make positive choices to live your life to its fullest potential.

One final word of advice.... refuse to allow stress to control or dominate you; instead, make the effort to learn how to control and tame it.