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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fasting Puts our Passions & our Vain Desires in Check

Dis's why d Prophet gave d following advice:
“O assembly of young people, whosoever among u has d wherewithal to marry should do so, as it will help him to lower his gaze n safeguard his chastity....n whoever is unable to do so should fast, because it diminishes sexual desire.”
[Sahîh al-Bukhârî (5066) & Sahîh Muslim (1400)]
The Prophet (peace be upon him) points out tat fasting withholds a person frm responding to his passions. Some scholars have discussed dis hadîth in conjunction wit another, where d Prophet (peace be upon him) says:
“Indeed, Satan circulates through d descendant of Adam as blood circulates through d body.”
[Sahîh al-Bukhârî (2039) & Sahîh Muslim (2174)]
Even though d phrase
“…so restrict his circulatory paths by fasting”
tat's sometimes quoted along wit dis hadîth is baseless, d fact remains tat fasting does put our passions in check, n it's quite possible tat one way in which it does so is by restricting Satan’s ability to circulate within our persons, as stated by some scholars.
Wat's more likely is tat fasting keeps our compulsions in check by keeping us involved in a specific act of worship... dis continuous connection wit an act of worship helps us to refrain frm unlawful acts, including those acts, like the forbidden gaze, tat incite our desires....
I really dunno where to start, or how to start, except to say Tq 4 all concern+care+support+words of encouragement.
What's important 4 me now is to constantly remind myself tat I'm surrounded by good friends n an extended family tat cares very much 4 me... n to put3 who was worried for me n tried to get in touch, let me say this now – u r my best buddy who’s actually care. Tq so much!!!
I'm much better now...Huhuhu...I/Allah wit Syed.. Thanks to a few people who were der 4 me (u noe who u r). Sue, Norm, Far, eyene, my bos n her hubby dr.ayman who gave me a good bitch-slap (in a good way)...juz held my hand in silence, n told me not to worry!!!