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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Love Of A Lifetime

I never thought I wud ever find a love like d one I've,nor did I ever imagine juz how deep d pain of missing him would go...Its diffcult to explain to others how u feel bout a special sumone but if you've ever been in love..truly in love then theres no need to describe it for u already know wat I'm speaking of....

"My Batman.... I'm sure u wonder how a love can survive like dis, I credit it to Allah help n bcoz we're true to our hearts n each other..."

I've never known a man like him before.. he's so tender and loving he expresses his feelings so sweetly tat my heart melts over n over. He took my heart by storm when.....hmmm...i'm also not sure...but I was totally head-over-heels in love wit him...huhuhu....thnks a lot sayang...u noe..I would choose d one tat fills my heart wit sumthing u can't buy no matter how rich u r...LOVE... Its free but its so very hard to find n I'm so very happy tat I found mine in dis wonderful loving man...He makes me rich by loving me..when true love finds u do everything in ur power to keep it alive coz it may never come around again.
I love you Syed wit my every breath wit every beat of my heart... u're tat love of a lifetime tat will only come by my heart once n I wanna do all tat I can to keep u happy...